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Meet Anthea

Hi I’m Anthea Ancalade and I’m the founder of CurleeMe. CurleeMe is a resource I created to help people with kinky, coily and curly hair to find hairstylists in their area. I felt this was a great way to help girls with curls embrace their natural hair. I went on to include a blog to house hair care tips for taking care of our gorgeous curls. Lastly, I added Olive & Shea for handmade hair accessories to allow us to celebrate our beautiful hair. Here you can find cute hair bows, scruchies, clips and headbands. I love making them and I hope you love them as much as I do.

CurleeMe Signature Diva Bows

My daughter Soleil has been a true inspiration for all Curleeme bows. As a little our Diva bows were created to encourage our little girls to embrace their natural hair by giving them colorful and stylish batik bows to accessorize their natural curls.

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